The Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization (NCR) Program is a HUD funded program, created in 1998 by the City of San Antonio to promote the revitalization of distressed inner-city neighborhood commercial districts. The NCR Program is housed within the City of San Antonio Planning and Community Development Department.

In late 2010 SAGE along with businesses and residents of the Government Hill community joined together to form the Government Hill NCR Partnership (GHNCR). The purpose of this partnership is to strengthen and support business development in the Government Hill area to provide more business ownership and employment opportunities; while at the same time, respecting the diversity and historical significance of the community and enhancing the community’s quality of life in the present and for the future. In January, 2011 the GHNCR was officially recognized by the City of San Antonio and awarded a planning grant. The work of the GHNCR is being done through four committees: the Organization Committee, Business Development Committee, Marketing Committee and Planning and Design Committee. The Organization Committee serves as the Board of Directors for the GHNCR. Membership on all other committees is open to any interested member of the Government Hill community.

The goals of a commercial revitalization effort in Government Hill include:

  • Creating a neighborhood identity
  • Attracting more customers to neighborhood businesses
  • Increasing the profit margins for local merchants
  • Developing a business community that can attract new businesses to both vacant storefronts and vacant lots
  • Creating a self-sustaining vehicle for accomplishing long-range goals such as streetscape improvements and the eradication of Government Hill’s negative image.

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